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Everything You Should Know!

How It Works? 


Welcome to the new way of doing laundry! Love, Laugh & Laundry is Perrysburg, Ohio's most efficient and reliable laundry service. We offer many services but are well known for our Lux Wash & Fold..Heres a little more details on how it all works!

For commercial clients please email us at 

Please be sure not to put any dry clean only pieces in the wash & fold bags nor any heavy bedding, comforters and/or pillows. They will be charged separately and your balance will be invoiced to you and payment is due prior to delivery.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us!


Payment Methods That Are Accepted: 

Credit/Debit via invoice (preferred)





How do I get my one free bag after I book my service?

 Your bag will be added to your clean laundry upon delivery to be used for future appointments any additional bags can be purchased in the shop!


What if I don't have 40 pounds of laundry or close to it to fill a 30x40 bag, will I still be charged the base rate?

  If you have less than 40 pounds, you will be charged $2.25 per pound! if it comes out to total more than $45 and is less then 40 pounds you will be charged the flat rate


Can I drop my laundry off? 

 As of now Love, laugh & Laundry is completely mobile so we only offer pick up & delivery but hope to offer drop off in the near future. For now we utilize some of the best laundry facilities in the area. Be sure to subscribe to stay in the know.


Things You Need To Know!

*If you've never booked with Love, Laugh & Laundry before you should book "by the pound"

*The 3hrs that shows when you book your appointment represents the window of time for us to pick up, not how long your laundry order will take to complete

*Deposit is only required if you've missed a previous pick up with no communication

*If you're booking an appointment at a time when you're extremely low on laundry I highly recommend upgrading to same day/next day service

*On your scheduled day sit your laundry out for pick up. Trash bags are fine or laundry bags that you may already have. no baskets!

*Any cancellations should be done at least 24hrs in advance


*Any comforters or heavy bedding must be bagged alone. Do not place comforters or rugs in your flat rate bag!!!!


*We must be notified in advance of any sensitive skin concerns.


*Laundry orders can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours and sometimes longer depending upon the size of the order and your location, please keep in mind that we are a small business but we do strive to get all orders out in a timely fashion. Orders are done in the order they are received.


*Heavily soiled laundry will need special attention and must be brought to our attention before pick up. For example if your laundry has been sitting for a long while or may have been wet please let us know in advance. if there are items that need stain removal treatment they should be bagged separately and are charged an additional $2 per piece.

*Keep stains wet if possible!


*Any unforeseen charges will be sent to the client via invoice with details to explain the charge.


*DO NOT put any delicates in your normal wash & fold bag, they too must be bagged separately and the staff must be notified. We outsource dry cleaning to one of our favorite local businesses. please email us for a quote or to schedule pick up.


*PAYMENT IS ALWAYS DUE BEFORE DELIVERY! your order must be paid for in full to even be put on the delivery schedule. this is non negotiable!


*If you have any bug/infestation problem please do not book a laundry service appointment. Please consider that your laundry rides in my vehicle as well as other clients laundry, as well as my kids, so I can not afford the risk of any critters escaping from your laundry to my car. If an appointment is booked and upon my inspection of your laundry(pre washer & dryer) I notice any insect droppings/eggs or anything of the sort, up to 90% of your payment will be non refundable to go towards the cost of deep detailing  my vehicle and your laundry will be returned to you without service. Meaning they will not be washed nor folded, your laundry will be returned to you immediately. I wish that I could help everyone but I have to consider my other clients as well as me and my family. Thank you for understanding. 


*The $45 flat rate for our 30x40 bags covers you for up to 40 pounds. You will be charged $2.25 for every pound over 40. If your bag gets to 60 pounds or more you will not be eligible for flat rate bags and will be charged regular rate per pound for the entire bag! I'm aware that everyone may not have a scale on hand TO WEIGH THEIR BAGS SO THIS IS THE BEST WAY TO KNOW; YOUR BAG SHOULD BE FULL, NOT STUFFED! IF ITS FULL ITS FINE. IF ITS STUFFED ITS ALMOST ALWAYS OVER WEIGHT. THIS APPLIES TO PRICING PLAN CLIENTS AS WELL, YOUR WEEKLY PRICE COVERS YOU FOR UP TO 40 POUNDS ONLY! IF YOU NEED AN EXTRA BAG THEY CAN BE PURCHASED FROM THE SHOP AND YOUR WEEKLY RATE WOULD SIMPLY DOUBLE FOR THE WEEKS WHEN YOU NEED TO!

*If you've had a busy week and have more laundry than usual please do not stuff your bag, this makes it difficult for the driver to lift & maneuver your laundry. Please just let us know and we will come prepared with an extra bag or you can use trash bags. your 30x40 red bag should be full not stuffed.


*Same day turnover is not guaranteed unless it is booked & paid that way, and it must be done by 9am! Anything after this time will be delivered the next day. same day/next day 


*Laundry orders are delivered regardless if someone is home or not & picked up just the same, unless client request a specific delivery appointment time then your pick up is set in a three hour window.

*Due to an increase in business pick up & delivery times can very but we can notify you when the driver is in route to you! 


*If you have concerns with where your laundry will be placed upon delivery and you’d like it placed elsewhere please let us know in advance.


1.) I will do an inspection! 

2.) I will separate your laundry by color/fabric!

3.) I will start with a dark load and move forward from there until completion

4.) Once the first load is complete I will load it into the dryer load by load until completion

5.) Clothes are pulled from the dryer while they are still warm

6.) At this point your laundry will be folded to perfection

7.) Once all the laundry has been folded it will be bagged and labeled 

8.) Once your laundry has completed the Lux Wash & Fold  service & your invoice is paid in full it will be added to the delivery list

9.) Your order is delivered!

10.) You've just done laundry the easy way.

But Wait There's More!!


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Last updated September 30 2022; 6:47pm

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